Your Gastroenterology Doctors

When you need gastroenterology doctors in Kalamazoo, you can depend on the team at Kalamazoo Gastroenterology Hepatology. With decades of experience and a patient-focused approach, our team of doctors and physician assistants give patients professional consultation and treatment options they can count on.

Together our Physician Assistants possess over 30 years of medical practice experience. Our Physician Assistants (PAs) work under the supervision of your physician, and cooperatively provide the best healthcare possible. PAs conduct physical exams, obtain medical histories, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret test results, prescribe medications and counsel on preventative health care.

Typically your initial visit will be with a physician and potentially your PA. Together your physician and physician assistant review your case and develop a plan of care. Often, you will see the Physician Assistant for follow up visits. Seeing a physician assistant allows us to offer you increased access to healthcare and better appointment availability, without reducing the quality of care.

Learn more about our doctors and PAs below.